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June 4, 2008 / cdsmith

Some video talks on programming topics

Last Thursday, I attended a meeting of the Colorado Springs Open Source Meetup Group. I ended up offering to record and post videos of the presentations. They are now available. Matthew McCullough’s presentation on JavaFX is here, and Scott Ryan’s presentation on jQuery is here. I should mention that I had absolutely nothing to do with either of these presentations, except that I showed up with the video camera and microphone. This was a test run for recording my presentations at C-SPLAT (the Colorado Springs Programming Languages and Tools interest group) next week. So as far as content goes, I take no responsibility for inaccuracies or unusual views expressed in the talks.

As test runs go, all was pretty smooth. The biggest problem was that Google Video has been having some problems, and took most of a week to actually make the videos available for viewing after I uploaded them. Also, Google’s processing reduced the quality to the point that you can’t easily read the presentation slides. Next time around, I might see about seeding them in BitTorrent as well as uploading to Google Video; and of course I’ll make my slides available in PDF alongside the video.

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